Getting Better Every Day.

I have been out of sorts after my surgery. Hysterectomy with complications. The uterus needed to come out but apparently it wanted to take the bladder with it. I was in the hospital for 5 days after that surgery and I can now say that I didn’t know what I was in for.

I went home with the catheter in. (not pleasant, in fact quite painful)

I think the hardest thing about recovery is the feeling that you want to do things but can’t. Want to go shopping, hiking, camping all those ings that you do from day to day. On days that you try something you end up “doing too much” start to hurt then go home and lay it back down. The trick is to do things but not “Too much” but how do you know it’s too much if you haven’t done it. Well I am glad that I am back mostly to life. I still can’t excessive “too much” but I want to so I don’t gain the 20 lbs I lost since the surgery back. I’m just going to say that the Dr. took 20 pounds of stuff out so it won’t grow back. 

all i can say is that recovery was tough. I had all kinds of infections from thrush to UTI. It is now 68 days later and i am back at work. I still get a little tired and achy but nothing that Ibuprofen can’t handle. 

We have planned a camping trip in the next 4 weeks so i am looking forward to that. You know we can’t stay out of the wilderness for long. I will post about the camping trip later. 

Have a great day!Image