Making Mistakes

Sometimes the smallest mistakes seem so huge. I am the Receptionist for a large company. I try really hard to stay on point and have everything anyone needs. But today I made a mistake.

A visitor came in for an appointment 25 minutes early. Usually this is no problem I just call the person and let them know that their visitor is here a little early. If they are available they will move up the time of the meeting. However, the person that she was coming to see is busy sometimes so I write down her name and decide to wait till 5 minutes before the appointment to call her. (Bad idea)

Here is where the problem comes in. My desk was very busy for a while, which is normal, and I look up and see the woman still sitting quietly across the room. She looked up at me and I looked at her. I got up and got her some water and asked who she was waiting for (I forgot). She told me and I went back to my desk to call (again) for her but then I remembered that I hadn’t called at all yet. I didn’t get an answer and at that time I notice it is actually 11:30am her appointment was scheduled for 10:30 am.

Where did the hour and a half go? It seems like it can only have been 15 minutes since she checked in but the clock isn’t lying. So now I have to go to the busy person and tell her that her visitor has been sitting in the lobby for more than an hour and not only was she here on time but she sat there…. Waiting…. and I forgot to call for her.  She was understandably pissed. She didn’t speak to me later.

I still don’t know what happened to the hour and I can’t help but wonder why the visitor would wait for an hour past the time of her appointment without saying anything.

I felt pretty bad when that happened. The lady was quiet and didn’t say a word. She was all nice and quiet and patient and what did it get her? Late. If she had been all loud and fussy she would have been on time. There is a saying that “The squeaky wheel gets the oil.” In this case that is true. But you have to be careful because there is a line not to be crossed where the squeaky wheel just gets replaced.